Safe Recipes From the Filthy Kitchen

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About This Site

Welcome to the site!!! Remi Stevens presents: Safe Recipes From the Filthy Kitchen. Here’s a bit about the general format of the site, but feel free to just poke around. Its not the least bit confusing, or provoking. Hopefully there isn’t anything of value for you here whatsoever.

There are three general types of content updates going on here. Articles, Quick Tips, and full Episode Recipes.

This is the hard facts. Raw data, backed up by years of research. I’ll give you the straight goods on everything home based and how to straight base good homes on everything.

Quick Tips,
These are shorter videos, you might even call them quicker or quick. A great feature of the quick tips (other than it finishing fast) is that Mess of Wires Studios manager: Jim Smetchland rates and comments on every one! But remember, this is a kitchen show, so if it isn’t a recipe its just not going to get the same attention. Many quick tips are not kitchen related. These are purely informative, how to type productions. Caution, there should be nothing enjoyable about this strenuous endeavour in learning.

Full Episode Recipes
This is the big time. Plug in the lamps, check to make sure the extra camera battery is charged. Sometimes we’ve been known to blow $15-$20 on these things so hold on to your hat. Its going to be in depth, the script was outsourced to a major writing firm, sponsors and celebrities are wrestling to get a fingertip into this thing! We’re hoping these are the productions you’ll be marginally satisfied from watching.


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